Metal æsker

  • AQUARELL – WATERCOLOR, Art sæt, metal æske 32 stk
  • Artino A basic Sketching Set featuring artists’ pencils (Monolith Graphite, Nero, Charcoal, White Pastel, Sanguine Oil, Sepia Light), Sanguine Burnt Stick, Sketching Coal, plus paper stump and kneadable eraser.
  • Artino Graphite A basic Drawing Set consisting of regular and water-soluble graphite and accessories. Content: Monolith Graphite water-soluble 4B, Graphite Aquarell HB, 4B, 8B, Black Pastel Pencil, Nero Pencil, Graphite Stick 4B, Graphite Stick thick 6B, paper stump and Monolith Eraser.
  • Black Box This popular Charcoal & Drawing Set includes all of the most important charcoal products as well as Monolith Graphite for sketching and drawing. Content: Charcoal Pencils soft, medium & hard, Nero Pencils soft, medium, extra hard, Monolith Graphite 6B, 9B, 5 pcs. Compressed Charcoal soft, medium & hard, Natural Charcoal 4 mm & 6 mm, kneadable eraser, paper stump.
  • Creativo The basic Sketching & Drawing Set for beginners and advanced artists contains 12 Pencils (Graphite, Charcoal, Sanguine, Sepia, White Chalk), 12 Brown Chalks, plus artists’ sharpener, paper stump and kneadable eraser.
  • Oil Pencils Set This set comprises an assortment of permanent, oil-based artists’ pencils suitable for drawing and sketching. Content: White Chalk, Sanguine, Sepia light, Sepia dark, Nero soft and extra soft.
  • PERFECTLY HAPPY sæt, Art sæt,2 metal æsker 76 stk
  • Silver Box 15-piece Graphite and Drawing Set presented in a tin box. Content: 4 Fine Art Graphite Pencils 2H/HB/2B/4B, 3 Monolith Graphite Pencils 2B/6B/9B, 3 Graphite Sticks 7 x 7 mm 2B/4B/6B, 2 Graphite Sticks 7 x 14 mm 4B/6B, 1 Monolith Eraser, 1 blending stick 6 mm, 1 Monolith Sharpener.
  • Teacher’s Choise – Beginner & Advanced Set These sets comprise basic and carefully chosen art materials required by every art student and selected by more than 500 teachers in the USA. Depending on the item number, the sets contain sketching and drawing pencils (Charcoal, Nero, Graphite, Sepia, White Pastel), Monolith Graphite, Graphite Aquarell, Graphite Sticks, Compressed Charcoal, Pastels (Sanguine, burnt Black Pastel), Charcoal and Sketching Coal as well as sharpener, kneadable eraser, Monolith Eraser, paper stump and sandpaper.
  • Ultimo Drawing Sæt Carefully selected art materials set with up-to-date assortment consisting of sketching pencils and leads (Sanguine, Sepia, White and Black Pastel, Charcoal, Nero), Graphite Aquarell, Monolith Graphite and water-soluble Monolith Graphite, Aqua Monolith pencils, Brown and Grey Chalks, Charcoal, Graphite Sticks and kneadable eraser,  Monolith Eraser, paper stump, sharpener and lead holder.


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